We Must show real love and support each other – Corban speaks with Chipuruime

Corban as he is popularly called is a gospel rap artist signed to Christed Records, here in Abuja. He recently released his single titled “BEND DOWN’. Naijagospelbeats had the chance to speak with him and here is what he had to say……………..

  • Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Damilola Ajayi Olusegun; I’m a graduate of the department of management/ marketing, University of Maiduguri. I am the first in the family of seven. I’m from Ekiti state, born and birthed up in Lagos.

  • Is Corban the real name, or the nickname? Why did you choose the name?

Corban is not my real name, it’s a nickname I discovered the day I gave my life to Christ in the year 2013. I found it in the Holy Bible from the book of Mark 7:11 and it simply means ‘God’s gift or a substance dedicated to God.

  • When did you discover your love for rap music?

From the day I gave my life to Christ the 3rd of February 2013.

  • Who are your mentors in the game?

I’m my own mentor.  At the turn of every five years of my life, I mentor the man I want to see or be like in this game as you have asked…….lol.

  • What’s your genre of music?

Street pop.

  • How have you been received in the industry?

Crazily hard because my genre of music is very unique in the Gospel Circle.


  • You recently released a single titled ‘BEND DOWN’ what was the inspiration behind the song?

Yeah! Bend down by Corban was inspired by Hebrews 11:1.


Rap music isn’t a popular one especially in the gospel industry, so how do you blend?

Hahaha who told you rap music isn’t popular……. It is my dear, well for me blending in was not difficult because I have never been a fan of slow music that much and I have lots of youth out there like me that loves hardcore rap and dancehall rap, so it wasn’t hard for me to give it a try and make a difference.

Did you try singing at any point in time?

Hahahahaha singing yeah ‘lol’ I love singing even though some of my friends say I’m going to struggle if I am to switch to singing , so yeah I sing a lot trust me.

Do you have an album?

No I don’t. I made my official debut year 2015, but I am working on it not in a rush to drop one though.

Would you encourage more gospel acts to do rap music?

Yeah sure, and this is why I rap, because every young and old, boy or girl, guy or lady in Nigeria or West Africa currently is forming street and this is what the youth wants and this is what the teenagers also want rap music! So I encourage lots of aspiring young act out there to please feel free to join us.

What has been the challenge so far?

Support from the Christian or should I say gospel artiste circle OAP’s and the rest…..


In the next five (5) years, will you still be doing rap music?

Sure…. Till the day I die!

Do you hope to hold a talent hunt show to discover more acts into rap music?

Yeah sure. I have soldiers already that I’m breeding and when it’s their time, the world can’t just stop them.

What do you think should be done to support the gospel industry more?

Love… Let’s love and support one another and say NO to fake love.

What more should we be expecting from you? Any collaboration in mind?

Expect another single from me this year and my EP very soon by God’s grace, and yeah, lots of collaborations coming up but locally and internationally.

What is going to be your final words of encouragement to the upcoming artist?

Dreams are not birthed in bed, you have to rise up , pursue it, love it,  believe it, and trust God. Thanks.


It was a great time having you with us…… We wish you success in your career!!!



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