Am really glad we are having this interview with you sir, thank you for having us.

Dr. Paul: It’s nice being here too. Thanks for making the time

The name Dr. Paul isn’t only a popular name but a name that crosses a lot of minds when Gospel music/Entertainment is mentioned. Please tell us what we don’t know about you sir.

Dr. Paul: Well a lot of people don’t know that am a Pastor, and some don’t know that I actually hold a PhD degree. They think I took the title Dr Paul just as a stage name.

Wow! That is an interesting one. Am quite sure your schedule is always going to be packed full. Please how do you manage the ministry, social and family life?

Dr. Paul: Well…I am quite very busy so to speak. I however manage to juggle all these different facets of my life through discipline, prioritization and keeping to schedules and time. Knowing that time is very precious, I make sure that I divide my time accordingly and also place priorities accordingly. I don’t go anywhere not linked to my destiny and calling. Everything I do is focused on advancing my life’s calling. My family life is also my I devote time to my family too.

That’s really impressive! That’s not just a word from you but an advice to a whole lot of people out there. Everything we do should be based on advancing our calling and dreams.

 Dr. Paul: Exactly! We should live for a purpose

So sir tell is, what really inspires your music? I know a lot of people would just say God, but I believe that God is the source. He must have some people or things he uses to inspire you. Please we’d want to know.

Dr. Paul: Wow….I will join the lots of people who say God inspired them. He inspires mine too. But apart from this I want to add that my life experiences inspire what I write. My song lyrics are full of real life experiences. My songs Yahweh and God of Heaven have lyrics that if you look closely, you will realise they are my personal experiences

So what you pass through in life can inspire what you write. It’s just like David. Most of his Psalms were inspired by his experiences. Yahweh song was inspired by my travails whereas the God of Heaven song was inspired by my thoughts around God’s goodness to me.

That’s true. How was the beginning of your music career like? What were those things that kept you pushing through?

Dr. Paul: It’s not easy to begin a music career without a platform. What kept me going was the desire to bring people into intimate relationship with God through the beauty of songs. Much more, I put more effort into my lyrics to ensure they pass a message to the heart. So in another way am actually preaching through my lyrics.

That’s right!

Dr. Paul: So the fact that people were relating positively to my songs and the desire to make a difference were my motivating factors.


Great! OK so we are eager to find out what projects you have at hand right now. Please tell us

Dr. Paul: I am currently preparing to shoot the video of GOD OF HEAVEN in September. I already released an Album titled YAHWEH in May and it is doing very well in the market. So am expecting the video of God of Heaven next

Wow!!! That’s good news!  We can’t wait to watch the GOD OF HEAVEN video and of course yes! That album was a bomb. We can’t forget it in a hurry.

 Dr. Paul: Yes o. Thanks very much

 Very much welcome sir. Dr. Paul, what can you say about the gospel industry? Do you think it’s doing pretty well and the standard should be maintained or do you think it’s backward and need more hands on deck?

Dr. Paul: Gospel music artistes are currently too many (although I encourage anyone who aspires to become one to do so) however the quality of gospel musicians and music we see day by day today is decreasing. We need to refine what we do and avoid the copycat syndrome. Originality is a scarce value in the gospel music world. The gospel music industry is backward in terms of monetizing the efforts and intellectual property of artistes

Dr. Paul: We have very few global gospel music artistes from Nigeria and the ones who are global became so on the back of a global church, not through formal gospel music promotion companies or systems

Dr. Paul: We need a viable gospel music promotion industry.  What happened to Nollywood should happen to gospel music. We need to take our musicians global

Point made and accepted. I think I personally accept your views sir. In what way do you think the current economic situation in Nigeria is affecting the Nigerian gospel industry and gospel music ministers?

Dr. Paul: The gospel music industry is often the most affected during economic recessions. The reasons are not far – fetched

Dr. Paul: Gospel music is not s pervasive and boundary crossing as secular music. Muslims, Christians and Pagans listen to secular music. So no matter where you go to, bars, restaurants, street, clubs, social events, weddings, parties secular music is used. So the utility and rotation of secular music far  exceeds gospel music in exponential terms

Dr. Paul: In the same vein also, the value society places on secular music far outstrips gospel music. A whole economic system of advertising, brand promotion and corporate social responsibility is built around secular music and hence money flows through these systems. Gospel music is relatively in infancy in terms of mature structures so it’s often the first to suffer the impact of recession. That’s my take

 That’s true. Sir, what advice do you have to give to the up and coming gospel artists? Why word do you have for them?

Dr. Paul: My advice is,try and get mentored; aim to provide quality and inspired music. Do not make honorarium your watchword. You need to earn the trust of the listeners and customers first before they can open their pockets to support you. Most aspiring artistes I meet today often ask questions around honorarium, album sales, money and blowing. It’s the wrong focus and priority. Enjoy what you do first and seek to provide quality content and the market will reward you with incentives

 That’s beautiful. Do you mind giving us names of gospel artists who’s songs inspire you?

Dr. Paul: Wow…I will start from home here. Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, Sinach. I don’t listen to just anyone. I have a sensitive ear for quality.

On the foreign scene: Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Bebe and Cece Ron kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Hezekiah Walker, Shirley Ceasar, Helen Baylor, Beverly Crawford.

Great people there! Thank you so much for  honoring our interview, we really do appreciate you greatly and we’ll always be ready to see more of you. Thank you sir.

Dr. Paul: Thanks so much for having me. Always my pleasure.



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