In a world where people become panicky, remorseful, confused when confronted with a tragedy, JaySmoke is determined to exercise his Christian duties as stipulated in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to give thanks in all things including his car accident.
It all occurred during the early hours of Friday morning. After dropping off a friend, JaySmoke, Ghana’s No1 Urban Gospel DJ/Advocate, on his way home, was involved in a fatal accident that left his car totaled. 
When confronted about the situation, the GhOne TV presenter and Founder/President of RepJesus Entertainment was calm as he explained what happened and that he is fine and thanks God that no one was injured. 
“I am unhurt, no one is hurt, the enemy thought he got me but the Lord is always up to something and just as my Pastor preached a few hours ago, the bigger the storm, the bigger the testimony. I believe this is nothing but a spiritual attack and what better way to counter it than to give thanks. So the car maybe totaled but we still have breathe and with it, I say thank you Jesus” says JaySmoke.
JaySmoke, who recently released his Top 25 Urban Gospel Jams for 2016, was on his way home from church when the accident occurred. Let’s join him in thanking God for his safety and also support him as he goes through this process.


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