Verse 1

The cattle on a thousand Hills

belongs to you

My head,shoulder,knees and toes 

belongs to you

Everything that am made of

belongs to you 

my mind,body and my soul

belongs to you


It all belongs to you

it all belongs to you

it all belongs to you    

Verse 2

You’re the potter am the clay

Break me and mould me as u please

am urs ooo Lord…ayaya….

the oceans and the seas belongs to you

Everything i’d ever be, i give to you

Totally Completely.


(it all…Belongggg

it all belongs to you

it al belongs to you ..God o God

i give u everything

it alll…l belong 

it all belong to u God 

it all belongs

my heart ,my mind, my will

my everything God

They all belongs to u


You are the potter, i am the clay Lord


my everything Lord

break me and mould me God.


I Give YOU My Heart

My Soul, My Mind 

My Body And My Money

I Give to You

take over My Life,My Will,My Now

lord! My Future

I Know that’s in ur hands uuhhhh….


it all, it aaall 

it all belongs to u God

My heart i give to u

i surrender everything God Eh

my will…i give to u God 


it all belongs to you

everything i’ll ever be God

it all belongs to u Jesus

Take my Mind and Use it Lord

take my heart oo God lord

It all Belongs to you

I wanna be where u are

teach me lord to know ur will Lord

You’re the potter, am at the Clay

break ,me and mould me God

i Belong to u Jesus

I Belongs to u o God

I Belongs to u God

yea yea

O God i surrender all

I surrender all

I surrender everything Lord…..

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