We believe that the Gospel is free and should be accessible by all through easy platforms. Hence the reason why all materials on our website are free, the airing of songs have been free too. But it takes money to keep such a service running, sustain and expand.


Aside from the website, there are many other channels we using to spread the gospel, ranging from TV, Radio, Street Shows & artiste support. And to do all that and more, we need a lot of financial support. In the last five years, we have solely put in every money we have to further these activities. We believe with you can do more through your contributions.


Your support can be monthly, quarterly or yearly to keep us running most of the programmes.

You can support in the categories below or even more as you are led to do so.


–          3000

–          5000

–          10000

–          15000

–          50000 to 100000

–          150000 to 300000

–          500000 to 1000000

–          1000000 and above

For all partners, we have a special gift to appreciate you.


We do not take your contributions lightly and it is our prayers, always, that God will continue to bless you a thousand times more for the support you show us through your given


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We thank you again most sincerely for your support and partnership.


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