Yadahsings is an Abuja based singer, songwriter and worship leader who loves God passionately. She released her first debut single ‘Goodie Goodie’ which had a massive airplay, and now she is out with another hit, titled ‘I’m Confident’.  We have the privilege of having her here with us…. Thank you for coming.

 Who is Agaga Praise? Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am Agaga praise kukeurim (God’s gift) YADAH.  Yadah is Hebrew for praise. I hail from cross river state, Nigeria and a graduate of Nasarawa state university Keffi, Economics (B.Ed.).  I am the firstborn out of 6 kids born to the Agaga family. I have a strong deliberate passion for music, fashion, education and the girl child.  I believe strongly I’ve been called out to show Jesus to the world.  I am the voice of Jesus to nations. Most importantly, I am a radical Jesus lover, and a woman proudly in love!!!

 When did you begin music professionally?

I began music professionally in 2014. I had always being in choir, although somewhat passively.  Music was just a choir thing for me.  In 2014 I participated in a gospel music competition “the minstrel”, although I wasn’t near the winner, it awakened a lot on my inside,  and then the journey began.  My first single was released April this year though.

 Before you came into music, what other things did you venture into?

Nothing remarkable.

 Who are your mentors in music?

Internationally…  Kim Burrell, Kierra Sheard, Tasha Cobbs, Jessica Reedy.
Locally, Victoria orenze, Solomon Lange,Mercy Chinwo, Ada Ehi.
My music influence list is almost endless though.


Your debut single titled ‘Goodie Goodie’, what was the inspiration behind the song?

2 years ago I was on transit in a public vehicle.  Somehow my thoughts ran around events surrounding my childhood, terrible memories.  And it dawned on me things had changed drastically without notice.  I kept saying God is good oh.  And then you know that public bus breeze…. It provided perfect rhythm sincerely…..  The song just flowed.


 What can you say is your style of music?

A fusion of Afro-pop and soft rock.  I’d love to play with any style though. Basically I do any style.

 Following your new hit, I’m confident, Congratulations! Can you tell us more about the song?

Thanks.  I’m confident is a song borne out of my spirit.  I was worried because it was barely 2 months to rounding up with my degree program.  People kept preaching and resounding fear to my ears. Sincerely I panicked.  And one Sunday my pastor Jesse Danladi talked about the effectiveness of God’s word…. How the word doesn’t fail. He led us into into a prayer session.. And all I could say was “God,  when it comes to you I’m confident”. I said it over and over again till it became a song.  I was really in tears.  And the verse of the song was my declaration after that prayer.  I’m excited its blessing lives,  but I can confidently say the song blesses me more.  Download I’m Confident

 Where do you see your music in the next five (5) years?

I see my music all over the world, because I am “the voice of Jesus to nations”.

 Who do you intend on sharing the stage with both locally and internationally?

Internationally…  Kim Burrell,  and Tasha Cobbs. Locally…  Victoria Orenze and Solomon Lange.

 Aside music what more should we expect from you?

I love the fashion industry passionately, so expect something huge from that angle.
Besides I’d be your minister of Education soon

OKAY! This question is out of it, but your fans need to know; Are you in a relationship?

Smiles. Without much Ado, I am in a relationship, and I’m in love!!!

 Uhhhmmmm ! So far has there been any challenge?


Who hasn’t experienced challenges and in what field?  Music is very tasking especially when it comes to gospel.  Sometimes beyond the songs, there are days you ask yourself if you were really called to it.  And we live in a world where you have to fight through to get anything done.  It’s a fight of faith though, we are winners already.  Parental challenge is slight though. Sometimes there are projects to be done and finance tends to pose as a challenge, but I know it’s a one day at a time thing.  So far, the journey is beautiful!!!

 What is your philosophy in life?

 Life is as plain as a baby’s heart.  That’s why you have the word of God; use it to make life what you want it to be.  But Jesus is life… My philosophy of life is everything God’s word says.

 Should we be expecting a concert from you anytime soon?

Depends on what soon is.  But yeah!!  Working on something.  It’s gonna be an annual concert.

 What can you say is a challenge that the gospel industry is facing?

I feel there are little or no platforms to aid gospel artistes.  Truth is we don’t expect the world to help us spread what they don’t want to hear.  Also, there’s this mediocre thing around the gospel music scene, which I feel is been erased though.  Excellence and professionalism and the anointing should be craved (it should be a complete package). The system we’re up against ain’t joking. Also, I think gospel music hasn’t embraced media and publicity fully.

 Do you intend to be signed under any record label?

I wouldn’t resist a good offer that allows me do what I’m called to do.  But I’m sincerely not thinking about that yet.

Finally, What is your message to upcoming artist, or people who are afraid to be who they want to be?

Whatever God tells you to do, step out boldly and do it.  You might be misunderstood, well… It’s not their call. It’s yours. You are accountable to God.  And the time is now.  The work of the kingdom is done speedily.
Most importantly, stay focused on Jesus.  Keep gaze on him. He is where your strength, blessings and everything lies. You could see Hebrews 12:1-2. Be full of faith!!!


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