Minister Noella is a songwriter, singer and a passionate lover of God. She is one of the leading vocalists of The Summit Bible Church, Abuja.

We are excited to have you with us.

Can we meet you?

I am simply a lady who loves God and has the vision to see lives transformed by the word and Spirit of God through her songs. Part of my passion also is to impact the  body of Christ,  our communities and the world at large with the right influence and resources at my disposal.

When did you begin your music career?

I began music as a career and not just as a hobby when I launched my first album on the 31st of August, 2013.

How long have you been in the gospel music industry?

I’ve been in the gospel music industry for 4 years.


Do you enjoy what you do?


What can you say about your style of music?

Well, I would say my style(genre) of music is “Ballad”, it can also pass as “Alternative music”. For those who may need some enlightenment, style in music is a way of expressing your music. And so, I refer to my music as Ballad/Alternative because though it’s gospel, it’s mostly narrative, and I would usually take my listeners on a journey (most people say they literally feel that way, when I am done), and then it is also a distinction from mainstream rock music.


Has there been any collaboration so far?

Yes, there has. I have collaborated with ministers like Chris Morgan, TjayDavids, G-feelings, my biological father (whom I fondly call Daddy Uloko)


What is your inspiration in music?

My inspiration in music is primarily God’s word. Something divine happens in me when a word from God penetrates my heart and I keep meditating on it.

Who are your mentors (musically)?

I do have role models, not mentors, in the sense. Some of my role models include Chris Morgan, Nathaniel Bassey, and Sinach, Joanne Rosario, Nicole Mullen, Virtue (group), Out of Eden(group)


If you are not singing, what do you do at your leisure?

I like to design inspirational quotes at my leisure; you would find many of those designs on my Facebook and instgram timelines. I also love to read good literature.

Are there new projects you are working on?

Yes. I am working on compiling more songs that would give birth to another album. I have also just released a single titled, “My Source”. It was precisely released on the 31st of July, 2017 and is available for free download Here

What is your philosophy about life?

Focus on what is important (God being number one), and quickly get rid of distractions and naysayers.

 What can you say about the gospel industry? Good/Bad.

God has brought us a long, long way. But there is still room for improvement.


Are you inclined with any of the musical instruments?

Yes. The acoustic guitar. I can play simple progressions on it.


Do you support the idea of ‘Gospel Talent Hunts’?

I support it, so long as it has been well crafted by the visioner and it is sustainable. The motive for organizing multiple talent hunt should also be seriously considered. In all, we should be led by the Holy Spirit in every venture.


What is your advice to upcoming gospel artiste?

Find a local church where you can serve with your gifting, keep improving your skills, and nurturing your relationship with God.




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