Exclusive Interview: Chipuruime Meets Abuja based Songstress – Grayce

Grayce is an Abuja based singer, songwriter and worship leader who loves God passionately. She just released her first debut single ‘The Sweet song’.  Here is an exclusive interview with Chipuruime of naijagopelbeats. Excerpt below

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hello, Thanks for having me here, I’m honored.. Sorry for my late response. My name in full is Grace Eleojo Benson, I’m from Kogi State, Igala Speaking and born into a family with 3 boys now. I’m a graduate of physics from IBB University. I love God so much, good music, food and fashion.


I notice you didn’t add the ‘sing’ to your name; you only made a twist to the name. Why?

Funny enough, I find that trend common only in this part of the world. The likes of Whitney Houston (rip) didn’t have the “sing” attached to their names but till date she’s regarded as one of the world’s greatest… I don’t think I have to attach a title to my name before I’m recognised I believe my gift will speak for me in due time. The name Grace is a common name as we know; in order to be easily identified or differentiated I had to add the twist… BTW the “Y” is silent… Lol


When did you discover God’s call for your life to be a singer?

I’d say from my childhood days, I’ve found myself ministering in congregations and all and seeing that the grace grows and I’m growing in it is an evidence that it’s God’s plan for me..



Are you good with any of the musical instrument aside singing?

Ehrmm… Not yet though but I intend to learn the acoustic guitar. So I’m working on that.


 What is the inspiration behind this song you just released? And subsequently, what will inspire you to keep writing more songs?

Firstly the love I have for music and the determination that if I was ever going to do it or sing my own song, I must do it right cos I don’t believe in mediocre music… That has been my key inspiration but the sweet song was basically inspired by bitter experiences I’ve had and how God brought me thru it all… Sweetly!

Love for good music, determination to do it right and passion to reach out to more lives will keep inspiring me in addition to the grace that is made available.  Click Here to Download Song


A little digression from your music ministry, I understand you will be tying the knots soonest, how do you feel?

Hmmm… That feeling is unexplainable. It’s a thing of Joy and sweetness having to share d rest of your life with your bestie. It’s sweet, I’m excited and I look forward to it.


How do you intend on balancing ministry and marriage?

Well my fiancé has been a huge fan/supporter from the start and he’s understanding. When we get to that bridge though, we’d cross it gracefully.


Is your husband man a gospel minister as well?

He’s not but he’s a believer in God, Jesus Christ and also a lover of good music.


Alright! How can you describe your style of music and what kind of people does it appeal to?

My music is a fusion of soul RnB and Rock.. I choose to call it “Blue Soul”…Lol! It’s not really what were used to in this part of d world but we are and will get used to it cos Grayce is here to stay.It’s a song I feel everyone can relate to. I’ve had reviews from people I don’t share same religious orientations with and they’re like wow.. The song is touching and soul lifting and I’m like Yes!! That’s the idea.. So it’s a song for everybody.

 What challenges have you faced so far?

Hmmmm. As regarding music, well I’ve faced challenges of been disregarded and not appreciated but in d end it all turned out to be a stepping stone to greater height.


Do you think the media is doing a good job for gospel artists in Nigeria?

I must say the media is another gift of God to gospel artist especially… Cos it has created room for a wider reach.  Though there’s a lot more that can be done but for now I believe there’s good work going on via d media.



Who do you hope to share the stage with both locally and internationally?

Locally. Roland Rickets, Ogecha, Faith Yebo, Freke ,Timi Dakolo and internationally Cece Winans, Tamela Mann, lots of them o.. Lol.


 Where do you see God taking you in the next few years?

I see God taking me to a place where my music is touching much more lives, where I’d have built formidable relationships with household names in the industry /ministry to be able to do greater stuff via synergy. There’ll be more and more great music.


What message would you like to give to upcoming artists?

To everyone out there I’d say.. Remain true to yourself; you’re d best version of you. Respect youruniqueness, trust the process and respect the gift (grace) you carry cos in due time it will speak for you.


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