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I am excited to share a little on this very interesting topic. As an advocate of music sales I feel the urge to talk about it with a view from our growing music industry or ministry to those who may tag along that line. Considering who will buy your music, why should will they and how can they buy???


Since venturing into music business and until recently finishing a course on music business from Berklee I thought it wise to hint on very critical issue maybe in parts so it doesn’t bore you all.

Making money from your craft is the biggest joy of any craft man ranging from songwriters, musicians, performing and recording artiste to mention a few. Not just making money but making enough to put back into your music. Few things to be considered while you venture into the music sales world. As a matter of fact your song will be in stores for as long as they are there. Don’t forget this cost you some monies.

Let’s define the subject Digital Distribution: Music distribution is the bridge between your music content, your present and future fans. Your music is delivered to your fans across the world.

Digital distribution took a turn since 2015 and has gained massive influx of artiste. There is a shift from the tradition music sale of CD and all.  Digital stores cut across itunes, spotify, googleplay and many other streaming platforms.


On digital stores only the best songs get more traction. This is also dependent on the number fans you have on locations where this stores operate. Although most of the stores can be accessed from around the world.


Getting your content in stores is not the issue but do you get them to where your current fans can buy. Save yourself the costs and hassle no sales  especially when you don’t have enough buying fans. Start by building an audience. This is very essential as most artiste will start anticipating payments from publishing and distributing houses. To be very honest most artiste don’t make up $100 in a year. The reason is not far fetched is just a misplaced priority. Why should  I buy your song on itunes if am in Nigeria and it will cost me more? I will ignore and wait for someone who has bought to share with me. Note you have lost revenue. Therefore, the first thing to do is define your market starting with where your immediate fans are located.

Think accessibility, pricing and ease of purchase. These are very important things to note before you begin the journey of distribution. You can ride on international market when you are able to grow your fanbase to such locations. In my next write up I will look at the market within our environs and how it will profit you as an artiste.

Note: This is not in any way discouraging sale of songs on international stores.


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Unachi (Freshboii) Is a music blogger, radio show host and a musicprenure. He has spoken at different music seminars on use of social media to boost your career until recently he ventured into full music business with interest on distribution, copyrighting, publishing and licensing.


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