Barr Juliana Imam Speaks on Intellectual Property on Kiss FM Gospel HangoutShow

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Last Sunday on the gospel hangout Show with @iamfreshboii and @holoskey we focused on intellectual property, what you should know. It was a hot show, we bring you a summarised version of what was discussed. We were priviledged to have an entertainment and sports lawyer with us.

Read Excerpt below

Intellectual property has to do with ideas in what ever form. This ideas must be put in a tangible form, and protected legally to get the full backing of the law.

Intellectual property has different handles, copyright, trademark patent, trade secrets.

Once an artistic or literary work is created it is automatically copyrighted but notification or registration with the copyright office gives you prove of creation, without which it will be almost impossible to prove.

Copyright last for the life time of the creator plus 70 years after if copyrighted with the copyright office.

Before signing a music contract it is best to get in touch with your entertainment lawyer, if it’s not possible then you must double check

1) Who owns the copyright
2) What is the time frame for execution of terms of the contract
3) How long is the management contract lasting for
4) Dispute resolution method
5) Loans etc

Royalty/Soundexchange to be continued…


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