Article: Who Did This To Us? –My vent on Gospel Artiste and Free Downloads by Unachi Sunday

Bothered by the level of free downloads and the rate at which many young talented and vibrant artiste go bankrupt and their talent dissipate like one who runs a 400m relay stuck in the heated sun far away in maiduguri. This very talented artiste after many attempt have been forced to pack up and try another venture rather than stick to their uniqueness and calling. The question is: Do I blame them? Or so I blame the norm. Do we say the artiste is not working or making enough sacrifice?

Being an advocate of digital distribution so they could make money and produce more quality music seems to be yielding fruit but in a very slow pace.

I often wonder – What will make an artiste put up a song for sale and after a week or month release same for free?

The ideology have left me in a very confused state. I wonder at who is on the losing end? In this part of the world do we really support craft and creativity? It appears we do not buy music but we pay to watch new movies in cinemas. Some of you will say yes before nko?

Here is an analogy I will like to discuss: “Who is the Loser”

The artiste:
The music artiste seems to always be on the losing side. Based on research from production, designs, promotion, radio, tv, newspaper, blogs the artiste spends money even to put up the single or album on digital sales platform he/she is charged. Another major benefactor is the network company. Yes they benefit so much. You use your data and they get their cut. Well I chose that word ‘cut’ for a reason. You cut off the artiste from all of this. He pays every single individual involved with little left to benefit. Is it possible we can’t even buy these songs for 100Naira? Is it possible we can’t attend his shows and pay a gate fee? Do we really mean well for this young, up and coming artiste including the major ones. I am neither an artiste or intend to be one in future. Perhaps I could record songs for the passion and fun of it.

But why do we leave the artiste broke and the system so far has not be structured for them to get royalties. Marketers are neither better of, they charge you just to listen to your song,  and you pay for CD production and they pay you a penny on each copy, while we don’t have any tracking system should the marketer producer more copies, artiste is left in the dark and suffer in penury.  Do we mention the alaba MIXTAPE guys? You pay them to get your song on the mix and they sell without giving you a dime. Who survives with such conditions? And to make matters worst, fellow artistes don’t buy their songs and bloggers in need of traffic buy the song and release for free. Do you want to kill them? I cry for our Nigerian artiste.

Movie producers rake in millions from their movies. Thank God for cinemas these days – we pay to watch movies, we buy popcorn and soft drinks while enriching all parties involved coming to Music the artiste gets nothing.

Why have we subjected our talented music artiste to such a chronic level of poverty? Who did this to us?

Artiste has always been on the losing side despite investing so much in making a good music.
Hence this is a call to us all; we must rise to support good music by buying them.

Recently a friend of mine based in the released a beautiful piece that costed a fortune and recently released it for free. If you asked ‘why?’, your answer is as good as mine: We didn’t buy. Funny thing was that as soon as it was released for free, downloads were pouring like heavy rain. And I said to myself, this is wickedness.

Artiste outside the shores of this country make fortunes from just streaming and digital sales, who did this to us?

For you dear artiste that will put a song and later release for free my advice would be “Stop selling yourself short!” . Build real fanbase and friends that can afford to buy your music a d pay to watch your performance. If you have 5000 followers and only ten can buy your song delete the rest. or approach them with a better strategy. Reasons why you don’t have  working structure/team is because you are scared of owing and you can’t pay them. When your music pays you can afford the services of a professional in any area of your career.

Hello brother and sister; we pay ranging from 5000 to 10,000 and more to attend comedy shows etc please let’s have conscience to support our brothers in the kingdom. And let’s not continue with this excuse about packaging. If we support, they will package well. According to the Nigerian Proverb “better soup Na money kill am” (Good soup is well worth the money). As for fellow artistes who always wait to only share free download links it will soon be your turn. Before you compare yourself to your counterparts out there, have a rethink, you don’t have and do what they do. They’ve got platforms, endorsements etc and can give out their contents for free yet  its monetized.

Say NO to free downloads. Support good work.

Until I come your way with another article. Please support our own.

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