Abuja based top Nigerian comedian Chuks D’General shares major through back photos

The quote that the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step can only be true where an individual very determined to conquer the world. The abuja spontaneous comedian who over the years has proven his worth, dined with the high and mighty in the society is a prove yet again of a grass to grace story. Sharing a major throwback we decided to ask him how he feels looking deeply into those pictures. His face beaming with an unending smiles he said ‘ It will be very unfair I do not acknowledge God for his faithfulness’. Simply put in his word “God has been VERY faithful. Chuks over the years has grown that event he anchors is worth every dime he get paid.

Looking at some of the trousers though…lol

We celebrate what God is doing in his life.

Thoughts on this: Be consistent, Trust God, Improve daily. Success will beckon on you.

Connect with Chuks on social media @chuksdgeneral.



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