Album: Jonas Dan Releases New Album “Overcomer” Available Now || @jonasdan2


The anticipated album we have been waiting for is out and ready for purchase.

Award Winning Gospel music minister Jonas Dan has unveiled his brand new album titled “Overcomer”. The 15-track album, written in its entirety by Jonas Dan, is a masterpiece with authentic, inspiring songs.

Some of the tracks in the album are; “Ogologo, Christmas Ft. Mabel, I’ve Got Jesus” and many more others. Throughout the album, Jonas Dan offers a solid project with songs that will refresh the Lives of countless people.

Don’t miss this new album, an enjoyable blend of Good songs. The “Overcomer” album an absolute must-have!

Track list For “Overcomer”

1. Ogologo

2. God Na Helele

3. Dominus

4. Yes

5. Chigabo

6. Almost There

7. Christmas Ft. Mabel

8. Omaramma

9. Overcomer Ft KK, Jimmy Khay, Gospel & Mabel Sings

10. Kele

11. I’ve Got Jesus

12. Emesai

13. Daily Confession

14. Hossana

15. Shine Shine

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