Abuja Stood Still for DJ Ernesty as he unveiled the Great Commission Album

Whenever there is any event in the Abuja especially  gospel music related and i am available i don’t like to hear the story from a third party. I want to have a full experience of it. Every event is also packaged for specific purpose and so comes the blessings.  A lot of you will wonder why i decided to write about the event. Simply put i celebrate doggedness, excellence and purpose. Many people are not ready to go through the process they just want to arrive. Ernesty has paid his due as least in the past two years he has been working dropping singles upon singles which appeared on the album too. Let me leave that part for now and focus on the concert.

So yesterday, i can categorically say Abuja stood still for the official release of the “Great Commission” collaboration album. It was indeed an awesome evening. Although the event started way behind the scheduled time but i can bet that it was for me a good night.

This guy DJ Ernesty has come to stay. He knows his craft and does it with all the professionalism you can think of. In a society where those in the gospel industry are seen as miserable and forsaken set of people he has come to create a niche for himself. I have said countless time that gospel is not/never boring. Permit to say in the Great Commission album you will find the true definition of anointed jamz. I will officially review the album within the week, meanwhile it’s on replay since i got my copy. Let me also ask you to go get a copy.

The evening picked up with the creative dance steps by Wild Buck, i will simply put i love those guys. There is something about dance especially when it’s done with smile i hardly recover from the experience. This guys got it. Then music followed back to back, well i don’t know this talented minstrel in person called Vique but OMG, she is such a talent. I was totally blown away and i know alot of persons felt same. He voice, i comment my reserve. Maybe i will do a collabo with her (In my dream). The Ladies collaboration was also just it for me.

I had other great moments if you wanna know pay me.

I must commend Dj Ernesty for the packaging of the event it was on point and a big congratulations to a brother doing great things for the kingdom. Let me sign out with the slogan…..Dj Ernesty ….Bringing Down the Glory of God.

All road to leads to Hope Alive Christian Centre for this years edition of AbujaPraiseParty. Entry is free. November 27, 2016.


Just feed your eyes with few pictures i got from the event courtesy: IBI’s Images

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  1. Beautiful. Very inspiring. Where can we get the album? I love the music I am hearing and I would love to have the album with all Djenersty songs and collabo

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